Friday, July 20, 2007

Change Is Hard

I helped my Grandma pack up her kitchen last night. After 29 years, she is leaving her duplex - the only home I have ever known her in - and taking up condo life. There have been so many memories in this kitchen that it was a very emotional experience. I think my Grandma has taught me the most about cooking and baking than anyone else. We have made jam and Christmas cookies and all of the wonderful German recipes she has saved in her memory. I managed to salvage two very important cookbooks that she no longer wants. "The Vermont Cookbook" and "Massachussets Cooks" were written decades ago and contain so many homey, delicious recipes that require very few fancy ingredients. I cannot wait to dive into them and rediscover some of my Grandma's gems.
Here is to many more years of cooking success with her, just in a different kitchen.

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