Tuesday, January 23, 2007

And into the blogging world....

Of all the things I thought I would never do, having a blog is at the top of the list. I love blogs - I love reading blogs, bookmarking blogs to check several times a day and searching for blogs when I am bored. But I think a blog is a bit like airing dirty laundry, something you do when you are completely ok with being vulnerable to the entire online world. That is something I am not ok with. I am a self confessed internet lurker. I belong to several chatrooms, blog lists etc and yet I never sign in or leave comments or engage in anything remotely interactive. It is so much more fun to be a voyeur in ones head than on the screen.

This all being said, I have now learned two things about blogs. One, they are extremely useful to other people who are searching for random reviews of things I love - things like restaurants, books and magazine articles. Two, they are very therepeutic for the writer, much like a journal only somehow more accessible.

So I have set aside all gut instinct that says blogs are for the shameless and decided to dive in. It seems very daunting (esp. the bits about adding digital camera photos!!!) but I think that this is something the internet world is almost demanding of its participants - so I will follow, probably like a lamb to the slaughter. That, or I will get quickly bored of this entirely, and will not log on again - or lose the password.

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