Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tossed salad and scrambled eggs...

We made dinner last night. Not that we don't make dinner most nights. No, we are not that "dinkish" in our downtown world that we would order out every night. But lately it seems that a quick and easy dinner is in order. And who really could object to poached eggs on toast? I think that Josh makes possibly the best poached eggs ever. Piercing it with your fork so that the gooey lava yellow center spills out.... Pure heaven!
So I had decided to be very organized on Monday and marinate some salmon. Sadly for me, the teriyaki sauce was down to the few tablespoons that tend to stick to the bottom of the glass bottle. Rather than run across the street to Co-op and remedy the problem, I decided to build the marinade in the bottle. A little lime juice, a little orange juice, and the last of the maple syrup. Shake shake shake, add some minced garlic, pour into freezer bags. It looked terrible and smelled wonderful and my only hope was that Josh's grilling skills would save it.
Last night then, we grilled all 4 filets with the idea that I could build the leftovers into lunch for today. (Mandarin oranges, romaine lettuce, slivered almonds and Krafts new peanut dressing - thank you Rose for suggesting it). Let me be the first to say that salmon on the grill is one of those foods that instantly puts me into a better mood plus I think it is quite healthy - bonus!
A quick-cook couscous as a starch, but what for a veg???? Thank goodness that squash manages to stay relatively fresh in the fridge for weeks on end. A little butter, a little drizzled honey and about 45 minutes of roasting.
So after very little prep, but a fair bit of waiting, healthy dinner was served and enjoyed and left us feeling very full. Sometimes goodness is worth the wait!

In other news, this is almost the end of week 3 of the healthy kitchen. January 2nd I spent purging my cupboards and freezer of anything prepackaged and deamed "junk" by Paul Plakas on "X-Weighted". No more packaged hot chocolate, chips, pop, icecream, cookies and on and on it goes. Instead I am now really trying to make apples a snack. However, I don't think apples were intended as a snack, more a healthy food that moms make you eat before dinner. And who would have thought that I would have so many colors and exotic veggies in my crisper? Certainly not me. I don't like veg at the best of times and definitely not at lunch when Wendy's would suffice. But I made us try Kale and squash and zucchini and mushrooms, peppers and onion sprouts. I think it is all staying, at least for now. We both feel better and we are getting so much more creative in the kitchen. Maybe I can learn to enjoy cooking as much as I enjoy baking. Nah....

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