Friday, January 26, 2007

Sweet Bribery

As I mentioned yesterday, Matt came over last night for some work on the wedding pics and, in exchange, I served the marinating steak. I must say that Cattleboys for 24 hrs works wonders on any beef but to top sirloin, it is absolute heaven.

These were thick steaks - 1 inch at least. And the smell of them sizzling wafted down to the elevator and, perhaps, to my neighbors. I know I have smelled Indian and Chinese food in the halls so I am certain that my culinary exploits have reached their noses by now. Anyways, the steak turned out raw and wriggling in the middle, seared and grill marked on the outside and just plain unbelievable in every way. I overcame my fear of falling short in the side dish department and decided that nothing beats a baked potato, even if I did cook it in the microwave. (Shame, Emily, shame!) They turned out heavenly, although I am of the mind that anything slathered in sour cream and aged cheddar cheese is delicious in every way. I figure that if a steak house uses baked potatoes, then they can't be all that bad, though not creative in any way. Neither were my veggies which happened to be a few crowns of broccoli and a beautiful yellow zucchini squash. I steamed the broccoli and then added it to a fry pan with the squash, olive oil and a liberal dash of Montreal Steak Spice. I don't usually like this spice on steak, it seems rather predictable, but on veg it really can't be beat.

So I managed to crown my goddess like steak with two quite acceptable and tasty side dishes to make a meal that looked equally appealing. It must have worked its charm because Matt worked on my photos for 3 hours without a break and only witty and wonderful Frasier episodes to keep him company.

Now I will spend tonight grocery shopping for a weekend of entertaining which I have managed to keep fairly simple and, yes, carbohydrate laden because I have been good for far too long and people might begin to talk!

French toast made from the amazing Prairie Mills Apple Crunch bread (I dare you not to love this loaf!), and turkey bacon for tomorrows breakfast with Licia. There will not be a scrap of fruit or vegetable in sight, but the eggs and milk in french toast must count for wholesome nutrient content. Then onto wings for dinner which dear hubs will prepare because only he can mix Chipotle hot sauce and Teriyaki sauce together in theright amounts. As for veg and starch, God only knows. Hopefully something gorgeous will leap out at me from the produce section. Though I doubt it. I don't have that good of a relationship with veggies.

Finally a lunch party on Sunday and that is where the real junk food will debut (as well as my poor neglected Kitchen Aid). I am hoping to keep the veggies and protein to a minimum and fill our stomachs with sweet, sweet carbs. After all, a cheat now and then never hurt anyone.

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