Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I take it back

Ok well maybe I don't completely take it back but I am willing to say that there are a few good souls out there.

I am talking about my rant on ungrateful food receivers which I typed out in a huff last week. Normally I would be glad that someone proved me wrong and then move on, still too upset about the other people to let the glass be half full. But this time I have to write about it because I am just so happy about my new culinary enthusiasts.

Josh's office, it turns out, is full of non-bakers and total sweet addicts. This is the office that dies a thousand deaths when I send over Eiffel Tower bakery pastry trays. Since they enjoy baking so much, I decided to use them as guinea pigs over the holidays to try out my many new recipes. The two heaping plates that Josh wrapped up - a mixture of every different cookie and candy I could make in 2 weeks - were devoured by lunch with big compliments all around. So when the baking bug hit these last two weeks, and Josh not wanting to eat my creations, I sent them to the office. The Nutella cookies made on Monday night were completely demolished yesterday. Maybe they are all so stressed over there - it is a magazine after all - that food is the big comfort. Yes, sweet sweet carbs once again save the day.

So I just want to admit that there are baking appreciative people out there in the world and I am glad for the compliments because they will be rewarded ten fold. I hope they know what they are getting themselves into...

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rv said...

You are so right:) I too used to make yummies for my husband's collegues in his previous project location,...god, they had never tasted indian food, so i was in my highest spirits to make them in my kitchen :) Love reading the posts in ur blog:) Keep up good work:)