Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Brainstorm

So not much of anything has left my kitchen the last few days, save for an egg or two. Life has been so hectic with Grandma and Matt moving on the same weekend. I really do need to bake for both of them though, while they are busy unpacking.

The reason for this post is to recap the brownie disaster of the other day because I have had a total brainstorm. I left the pan of brownies in the fridge to try and harden. Unfortunately the unappealing shortbread layer is now as hard as a rock and useless altogether. The gooey coconut layer, though, has been peeled from the crust and devoured by Josh and I. It reminds me of a Bounty bar in all its glory and I am totally in love. The texture is chewy yet firm and I can easily cut that part into bars. So I am going to remake that layer in a 9x13, cut it into squares and dip them in chocolate for Christmas. Brilliant.

OK, I know you can't really try this nut job recipe because I haven't posted it. And I would, except the stupid piece of paper it was printed on has mysteriously disappeared. I will find it tonight. New goal.
Update: Found the recipe under my piles of unpaid bills. Fabulous.

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