Thursday, August 9, 2007

I Made Dinner ... Really

Ok ok so I have been completely lazy when it comes to cooking dinner. For some reason it does not excite me the same way that baking does. I want to be interested and Lord knows I have a thousand cookbooks from the queen of quick dinners, Rachael Ray, but my best laid plans are never realized. This is proven by my freezer which is bursting at the seams with meat, fish and poultry that I will never use. What sad freezer burned garbage they make. And that is wasteful, wasteful Emily!!! You must use up the tilapia. You must cook the 10 lbs of prawns.

We were home last night, so I did cook. The tilapia unthawed in the sink and Josh made his amazing roasted potatoes and onions. We made dinner and it wasn't that bad. Definitely superior to the box of KD we devoured late the night before.

I was completely inspired by Definitely Not Martha who made fish and chips with her tilapia, and while I didn't use her recipe and it probably didn't taste as good, it sure gave me a good idea. Because tilapia that has been poached is completely flavorless and boring.

I wish I had a recipe but I really don't. The fish was coated in a mixture of cajun seasoning and breadcrumbs. I fried it up in a little oil in a pan.

The cubed potatoes and onions were coated in butter, garlic, cajun seasoning and rosemary and I roasted them at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes. Easy peasy.

The one thing, though, that was yummers was the dip for the fish. I guess you could call it a tartar sauce but it had no pickle so that is sort of a lie. I also put it on my potatoes, it was that good.

1/2c. mayo
2T. dijon mustard
1T. ancho chili sauce
Mix in a bowl and serve.

So dinner was dead easy, Josh ate it and raved about it plus I used up the damned tilapia. Best of all, I have lunch for today that does not consist of hard boiled eggs or salad. What a relief!


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